Hilstrom - A Recognized Leader

Champion for Racial Justice award

In 2001 Debra received the "Champion for Racial Justice" award for her leadership toward racial equity.

Children's Champion Award

In 2006 Debra received the "Children's Champion Award" from the Children's Defense Fund for promoting the health and well being of Minnesota's children.

Legislator of The Year

In 2009 the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees named Debra "Legislator of the Year".

In 2007 the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association named Debra as "Legislator of the Year."

Leadership on Improving the Administration of Justice

In 2009 Debra was recognized by the Minnesota Courts for her leadership to improve the administration of justice and for her untiring efforts to ensure meaningful access to the judicial system for all Minnesotans. 

Certificate of Appreciation

Debra received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Center for Elder Justice and Policy for a law she passed that will protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation.

In 2008 Debra received a "Perfect Score" by Conservation Minnesota.

Public Service Award

In 2015 Debra received the public service award from Minnesota County Attorneys Association for her efforts to enhance the quality of justice in Minnesota.