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I am running for Attorney General

My name is Debra Hilstrom, and I'm running for Minnesota Attorney General.

Attorney General Lori Swanson is running for Governor; I would like to replace her as the next Minnesota Attorney General.  I am passionate about standing up against special interests, for Minnesotans, and helping those against whom the deck is stacked.  

We live in a time where accountability is too often missing -- missing from corporations that put profits over people and missing from state and federal politicians who put the interests of the powerful ahead of the ordinary person without influence or clout.  

Too often we see politicians who are supposed to represent us not listen, not hear, or not care.  There is no accountability when Washington politicians curry favor with Wall Street Lobbyists who contribute to their campaigns while ignoring the needs of middle income and working families.  There is no accountability when health care executives take home billions while our health care system neglects access to mental health care, and basic treatment is unaffordable.  There is no accountability in the prescription drug industry, which sends more lobbyists to Washington D.C. than there are members of Congress, and gets sweetheart deals despite being one of the most frequently-sued industries by state and federal prosecutors.  

The Minnesota Attorney General's Office has consistently bucked that trend.  The office has been the one office in government that ordinary Minnesotans have been able to count on to be on their side. Whether it's been Miles Lord, Mike Hatch, Walter Mondale, Skip Humphrey, Warren Spannaus, or Lori Swanson, Minnesota has been fortunate to have Attorneys General who put people first.  I will carry on that proud tradition.  

During my time as a State Representative and Prosecutor, I like to think I have helped restore a little accountability for our citizens. 

I ask for your support to be the next Minnesota Attorney General.  Thank you for your consideration.

Debra Hilstrom

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Contribute to Debra Hilstrom for Attorney General and you can receive a dollar for dollar refund from the state for up to $50.00 per person or $100.00 per couple.

It takes about 6 weeks for the state to process the refund.  After you make the contribution we will send you a receipt.  Follow the directions on the refund form below.

About Debra

Debra is a former Anoka County prosecutor and state representative.

Debra's Record

Debra has a record of standing up for the middle class and fighting for average Minnesotans


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Debra Hilstrom for Minnesota Attorney General

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